What the hell is a Hufflepuff?

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rae: i’m definitely not girly.
kester: why do you say that?

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What Kieron is able to portray more than anything is Ste’s vulnerability - and vulnerability itself can be quite an attractive, sexy trait for someone to have. Kieron raises his game and he kills it every time. - Emmett Scanlan

Harry… It’s not how you are alike. It’s how you are not…

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Two Swords (4x01) + Quotes

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the last time i saw him, he was in the courtyard of winterfell. he said, “next time i see you, you’ll be all in black.”

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You didn’t.

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me on a first date

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make me choose: veronica/logan or chuck/sarah (asked by argentallisons)

He is my son, my first son.

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